My Commitment as I.M.A President Kodagu branch for 2 terms.

A. 1st  term —I took charge from Dr. Sudhakar, after obtaining approvel from      Hon’ble Members.


B. 2nd  term — In the G.B. meeting at N.C. Club, Dr. Bindu Ponnapa was      proposed to President post by Dr. Ravi Appaji , and she declined the proposal, and Dr. C.M. Devaiah proposed me to continue as president as no other member wanted to take up the responsibilities :

  1. More than 200 CME’s has been conducted, by I.M.A. Kodagu, during my term.
  2. Workshop on Skin Allergy Tests, De- sensitization was conducted to all the     GP’S of Kodagu at Ashwini Hospital. Resource person: Dr. Vedantha from     U.S.A Pulmonologist and Allergy Specialist.
  3. Hands  on workshop, B.L.S. course was conducted at Hotel Crystal Court by Fortis hospital , Banglore. Dr. Muruli Chakravarthy, cardiac anaesthetist and team were resource persons.
  4. I.M.A State level — Dr. Somanna Memorial badminton Tournament was conducted — 2016, at Madikeri.
  5. Volutary Financial Contribution to Belgam Chalo KPME Rs 10,000/- was sent to I.M.A — KSB.
  6. Voluntary Financial Contribution was initiated  to Implede I.M.A. Kodagu in        W.P No. 23626 of 2018( Total amount was collected Rs 47,700/-) at High Court, Banglore.
  7. Financial contribution was raised to Host a State I.M.A working committee meeting at Madikeri - 2016.
  8. Twice we were successful to paralyse, pvt, Medical establishments of Kodagu against Govt. decisions.
  9. Organized 1st  Joint I.M.A meeting at N.C. Club, Discussion was mainly on Kodagu relief fund and expenditure of meeting, was by Voluntary contribution of Members. I had pleasure of hosting the I.M.A—-KSB, Members and President at my residence.
  10. We have received funds from I.M.A — KSB Rs 15,000/-, to encourage Host I.M.A Kodagu to conduct State level I.M.A Badminton tournament.
  11. We have contributed Rs 10,000/- each, along with I.M.A Virajpete branch to President I.M.A — KSB during his visit to Kodagu (2017-18), for the court expenses of KPME Act, and Quackery.
  12. Doctors day (July month) was celebrated thrice — yearly, and senior Doctors services was recognized, and Honoured.
  13. I.M.A Kodagu honoured and fecilitated KIOMS, Student for securing highest mark in 1st  year M.B.B.S (2016-17).
  14. Twice submitted Memorandum to P.M of India through D.C. kodagu.
  15. It’s a pride and honour to receive, thrice, best appreciation presidents        award for our branch, from I.M.A —KSB, 1st  at Bijapur IMA Conference, 2nd  — Tumkur IMA conference where in then the Home Minister Mr. G.        Parameshwar was the chief guest. 3rd  — at Gadag I.M.A conference.

Now I  have been invited by I.M.A —KSB to take up one of Major responsible post, as chairman for Medical Anti Quackery Cell, I.M.A - K.S.B.

Presently, I am, A.O.I, founder president for Kodagu, and I have  accepted  as State A.O.I. President on Oct 13th  2018 at Mandya, South Zone A.0.I conference 2018, for a period of one year.

I was a National A.O.I Executive Committee Member -India (2017-18).

All these achievements are because of kind Co-operation of our Hon’ble Members.

I am sure I.M.A. Kodagu has made its mark in State and also National Level.

 We have received close to 26 lakhs as Donation to Kodagu relief -2018, sent by all my Co — presidents of most of the branches of our State, Rotary, my cousins, from E.N.T Doctors of our State.

I thank each and every member of our branch, other branch members and I.M.A- KSB, who have encouraged me and Co-operated with me to achieve the above achievements.

On Oct 19th 2019, I was honoured at 85th Medicon of IMA - K.S.B, at Chamaraja Institute of  Medical Sciences, by Hon'ble Minister, Mr. Suresh Kumar, in presence of Mr. Srinivas Prasad, M.P, Mr. Niranjan, M.L.A. Gundlupete for the contributions done to I.M.A. Kodagu, in terms of  collecting Rs. 26 Lakhs, towards Kodagu disaster 2018, and Instrumental in fighting a case of Medical Anti Quackery at High court, Bangalore. and caused a Historic Government order.

                                                             Long Live I.M.A.

  Dr. Mohan Appaji.